Many travellers’ first point of contact with Italy is the region of Lazio, when they fly into Rome on an international flight. You could spend an eternity just in Rome learning about layers of history, food culture, and neighbourhoods that are off the beaten path. What visitors often miss is the wealth of experiences one can have outside those Aurelian walls: visit charming medieval towns, a less busy Pompeii, and a whitewashed beach town on the Tyrrhenian Sea.

What to eat?

Coda alla vaccinara (a pasta or meat dish of oxtail stew) and carciofi alla giudia (deep-fried artichokes, Jewish style) 

What to see?

The pretty medieval town of Viterbo in northern Lazio

What to do?

Swim near Tiberius’s villa from the beach under the white and twisting alleyways of Sperlonga.

Bocconcini-Sized Tales

We gave our one-year-old her first taste of gelato (yogurt greco, and a lick of cioccolato) at 9pm in Rome, after which she babbled to the Italian moon deliriously.

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