With over 1800 littoral kilometres, the island region of Sardegna (or Sardinia) is a beach lover’s paradise. Located to the west of the mainland a sizeable distance across the Tyrrhenian Sea, Sardegna has a unique culture all its own. Amble through medieval city centres, swim in aquamarine water near dramatic coastlines, and trek Sardegna’s mountainous interior eating chunks of sheep cheese along the way.

What to eat?

Fregola (small, spherical pasta similar to couscous) and frittelle di orziadas (fried sea anemones)

What to see?

Su Nuraxi di Barumini, a UNESCO-recognized fortified settlement of the Bronze Age unique to Sardegna

What to do?

Swim the gorgeous beaches of the Emerald Coast.

Bocconcini-Sized Tales

In the off season, an Italian on the ferry from the mainland recounted to my friend, while looking wistfully at the empty dance floor, that in the summer it’s like an all-night boat disco.

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