What Does DOP Stand For?

best places to visit in italy

DOP Italian Travel. Why the acronym? Though travelling to Italy is dope, or top, as the Italians say, I didn’t choose DOP just for these sonic echoes. To me, DOP is Designing Original Paths through Italy for thoughtful travellers, and was inspired by what DOP means in Italy: Denominazione d’Origine Protetta, or Protected Designation of […]

Bitter Greens on the Prairies

best places to visit in italy

I first planted cicoria (chicory) in Canada the spring after COVID hit. I have a thing for bitter greens. My husband and I were squirrelly, pacing the perimeter of our 25’ Calgary lot and pouring boiling water on the iced ground to encourage workability. We moved a shed, built a small patio, and made room […]

Italy With Kids

I look in fear at the Lufthansa landing page and repeat my mantra: the joy on our one-year-old’s face when she ate her first Italian ragù, the joy on her face, the joy on her sauce-slathered face. The text is in bold: flights confirmed. What have I done? When I found these flights for our […]