What Does DOP Stand For?

best places to visit in italy

DOP Italian Travel. Why the acronym? Though travelling to Italy is dope, or top, as the Italians say, I didn’t choose DOP just for these sonic echoes. To me, DOP is Designing Original Paths through Italy for thoughtful travellers, and was inspired by what DOP means in Italy: Denominazione d’Origine Protetta, or Protected Designation of […]

Bitter Greens on the Prairies

best places to visit in italy

I first planted cicoria (chicory) in Canada the spring after COVID hit. I have a thing for bitter greens. My husband and I were squirrelly, pacing the perimeter of our 25’ Calgary lot and pouring boiling water on the iced ground to encourage workability. We moved a shed, built a small patio, and made room […]

Valle d’Aosta

italy-travel-tips mountain range

Les Crêtes vineyard Village of Fontainemore The mountains of Valle d’Aosta Italy’s smallest region, Valle d’Aosta sits in the northwest of the country bordering both Switzerland and France. It is a land of mountains and high-altitude vineyards, castles and cable cars, and has the benefit of rarely being on the average tourist’s radar. Visit this […]


best places to visit in italy Sardegna

The medieval city of Alghero Sardegna’s aquamarine water Beach on the Baunei Coast With over 1800 littoral kilometres, the island region of Sardegna (or Sardinia) is a beach lover’s paradise. Located to the west of the mainland a sizeable distance across the Tyrrhenian Sea, Sardegna has a unique culture all its own. Amble through medieval […]


best places to visit in Italy Veneto header image

Caitlynn in fair Verona, in Veneto, where we lay our scene



Caitlynn above the Great Plain of Castelluccio di Norcia in Umbria, known for its radiant wildflower blooms


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Caitlynn overlooking the Valdichiana and Lago Trasimeno from Cortona’s Fortezza del Girifalco in Tuscany


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Caitlynn enjoying gamberoni in Palermo in Sicily


best places to visit in Italy Puglia header image

Caitlynn in Ostuni, one of Puglia’s whitewashed towns